Saturday, 03 June 2017 23:03

Pokemon - The Next Step

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       The Pokémon Franchise has been around for over 20 years, and every few years a new game in the much beloved franchise gets released and sees many happy players across the world. It is developed largely by GameFreak and Published by Nintendo. The Original Red and Blue Versions were released in Japan in 1996. With a few tweaks and an update, it arrived in the States in 1998. Since then, we have seen more…
Thursday, 20 April 2017 19:15

Dominion [A Board Game Review]

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  Introduction Of the many games that I have played, there are few that are as memorable as the first game of its kind: Dominion. Dominion is a game designed by Donald X. Vaccarino. His design was inspired by the German-Style board games that have gained a great deal of popularity, especially with games like Carcasonne, the Settlers of Catan, and others. Dominion introduced the Deck-Building concept into the market, which is now flooded with…
Monday, 20 March 2017 17:08

Why I love Gaming

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  Many people may wonder why I love gaming and why I spend so much time involved with that community. As a writer, I feel as though with a game you can tell an epic adventure that rivals the length of novels and other forms of media. I will explore some of the reasons why I feel as though gaming is a good community to belong to. I. Beautiful, emotional, and wonderful stories The majority…


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