Star Wars Day 2015 – Week  17      So today is STAR WARS day! And it is a P-Day. This should be fun, as I can celebrate this momentous holiday within reason. I should be able to enjoy the combination of these two events by doing something Star Warsy. This past week has been exciting. Elder Mahler and I got to go to the Temple which was awesome, as it always is when performing work in…
  Two Months down – Week 10      This past week marks seven weeks in the Mission Field and 2 months overall. However it barely feels like it. I am stunned to think that it has been that long already. Monday was great, I was able to write a few letters and get them sent off. Then Tuesday was transfers and it was so fun. Elder Mahler and I ran over to the Airport and picked…
  January 2015 – Arrival at the MTC – Week 1 So, life is different, quite different, but not much of a shock. It may have taken a while to get here, but once I was here I loved it. My first day was a very long one, but that is just fine, I don't mind long days. Most of that day was a blur, but never once was I lost, because my companions: Elder…
  By word of introduction, I have recently returned home from serving a two-year full-time mission in Alaska for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To clarify, I was not paid; I did not get to pick where I went, or when I got there, nor did I get to do a great many things that I would have liked to do with my time. I would now like to share my feelings…


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