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Thursday, 29 June 2017 13:39

Tech Spotlight [Frost Crystals]


     Welcome to Technology Spotlight where I, the HighChronicler reveal a piece of technology used in one of my worlds. The intended purpose of the spotlights is to show people the worlds in my mind, and get them to connect with how they work prior to stories being shared. I hope to be able to help others understand the worlds I see within my stories. Today we are looking at Frost Crystals - a crystal found in the frozen tundra of Tergna Prima.


Tech Profile

  • Technology: Frost Crystals
  • Location: Frûzdhren (Tergna Prima)
  • Components: Crystalized Frost Dragon Breath
  • Primary Use: Magical Artifacts, specifically staves
  • Secondary Use: Ceremonial items



     No one truly knows how long the naturally occurring Frost Crystals have been around. Some speculate that the oldest crystals are from the time of the Dragon Lords; although, Ice Elf Scientists have yet to confirm this belief. Their use in Ice Elf technology is extensive, but few outside the tight-knit community of Elves have ever learned of the existence of the Crystals, let alone their uses.

     The crystals are formed from the dying breath of a Frost Dragon. As such, the crystal retains a portion of that Dragon’s soul inside the crystalline structure. This leads to the crystals being semi-sentient and at the most basic level aware of the events surrounding it. There are those who believe the crystals are related to the Aura Crystals of Dekurem, which also are aware of their surroundings. This is pure speculation and wholly unfounded. Unlike the Aura Crystals, the Frost Crystals cannot show their knowledge with their users. This marks a great difference between the two crystals.

      The crystals remained largely undiscovered for much of history until the pilgrimage of the Ice Elves who were fleeing persecution from the various factions of Elves forming at the time of the Second Sundering. The Elves came to Frûzdhren and settled near the North Pole of Tergna Prima - building a small network of cities connected together.  The temperatures were frigid and harsh, but the Elves natural proclivity with Magic saw them change and adapt to their new environment. This is when they were able to find the first of the Frost Crystals.

     Many of the primitive human tribes living near the tundra suspect this is where Ice Magic originated, but Ice Elves deny this rumor. They say that the Crystals only served to awaken their true powers at that time and that the magic came from within. A few notable humans tried to seize crystals, but they were unsuccessful in obtaining any powers. Since that time Frost Crystals have been used to a great extent by the Ice Elves in nearly all aspects of their life.



     When the Ice Elves first came to find the Frost Crystals, they began to use them to decorate their staffs as symbols of rank and prestige. Over time as their skill and proficiency with the newly discovered Ice Magic increased, they noticed that the Crystals served as amazing instruments in channeling their powers. They were not required to wield the new art of combat, but the crystals greatly enhanced their natural abilities. The high ranking members of the society got more crystals to enhance their own power further. This allowed them to maintain a high social status.

     Eventually, they discovered that they could shape the crystal into solid structures. They created thirteen solid crystal staffs which ultimately lead to the creation of the Noble Council. The uses of the Crystals were soon also spread to ceremonial objects such as crowns or jewels meant to symbolize the Ice Elf people as a whole.

     The Ice Elves rarely ventured out of their great Citadel. When they did, rumors followed them everywhere especially about the rare and valuable Frost Crystals. The Ice Elves would trade much of their other technology to the humans in order to track down more of the crystals. This lead to the influx of wealth among the otherwise poor villages, and to the spread of other technology in the regions the Ice Elves visited.



     In time, even the staffs would be overshadowed by the creation of the Frozen Fusion Reactors. As a key ingredient for the powerful energy producing reaction, the Frost Crystal became ever important to the defense and protection of the realm. Soon the Ice Elves, and to an extent the residents of all of Frûzdhren, became the only people in Tergna Prima to have such power.  The Frozen Fusion Reactor was eventually able to be miniaturized, and it powered firearms that could be used without gunpowder. These weapons greatly enhanced the capabilities of the Ice Elf forces in the great wars.


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