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Two Months down – Week 10

     This past week marks seven weeks in the Mission Field and 2 months overall. However it barely feels like it. I am stunned to think that it has been that long already. Monday was great, I was able to write a few letters and get them sent off. Then Tuesday was transfers and it was so fun. Elder Mahler and I ran over to the Airport and picked up the Juneau Zone Leaders (A pair of Missionaries that flew in from Juneau.) Then we brought them to Transfer Meeting. Transfer meeting was great because we got to talk to other Missionaries from across the mission, and President Robinson spoke to us as all. It was pretty awesome.

     That night we got to take Elder Russell and his new Trainee from the Philippines with us as we visited some members. (Elder Russell had previously served in the O'Malley Ward and so wanted to see a few members before he went back to Kodiak.) The rest of the week was great as well. Since we didn't get to talk to a whole lot of people, Elder Mahler and I decided to walk the one part of our area that we might run into people to talk to. What a success it was - both days we did it we found at least one person to talk to. We even talked to this 70 year old Veteran and man could he talk. It was great to talk with him and share a quick message with him. The best part - he wants to learn more.

     Friday at another meeting we received the news that iPads were coming to the mission in May. It's pretty exciting as they will make the work go faster and be more convenient for teaching. Now on Saturday, we went to the Ceremonial start of the Iditarod. Elder Mahler and I got to be there and help at the finish line. (It was just the ceremonial start and not the real thing, but just as cool.) It was really neat. One of the Mushers said that we could pet her dogs if we wanted. Then once we didn't move she said, "Let me rephrase, GO pet my dogs."

A sled dog at the start of the Iditarod


A sled coming into the finish line of the ceremonial start.


Hard Working – Week 11

     Elder Mahler and I have been getting out and working hard. Great it has been. We had twenty lessons this past week, and we are set to have even more this week. We should stay busy, which is good. One of the most spiritual lessons that I've had happened last week. We were visiting a sister that Elder Mahler and I hadn't met. She hadn't been to church in just ever since her husband died, (which was two years ago that day). I felt the spirit so strongly as we testified of the plan of salvation, and that she could be with her husband again. It was really neat.

     On Saturday, our entire zone had some service to do at the Special Olympics. We cheered on the competitors, and they loved that we showed our support. Now I, not being a cheering type of person, even did cheer and my voice got exceedingly hoarse.  But it was well worth it.


Promising Horizons – Week 12

     This past week we have had some amazing lessons. One with Sister Cummings (who is fantastic to teach by the way); another one with Jared where we read The Book of Mormon with him - Jared is loving it and moving towards his baptism date of April 11th. We also meet with Keegan a few times and firmed up some details regarding his baptism which is this Saturday.

     We have some great work lined up for Elder Mahler and me to go do. I'm very excited for this coming week. We have a Baptism, two more Lessons with Sister Cummings, lessons with many less actives, and in the midst of all of that; Tolkien Day!!!! Followed by my birthday, it should be a fantastic week!


Baptisms and Birthdays – Week 13

     This past week has been singularly great! We had some truly spiritual lessons, one Baptism, a Birthday, and Sickness. All contained in the space of one week. So this Saturday Keegan was baptized. It was great! It felt so good to watch the fruit of our efforts and of the Lord’s work to come to pass. I also got to give a talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Then on Sunday I got be a part of his Confirmation. It was very uplifting.

     Two days before that, though, was my Birthday! I had a great Birthday. We had some lessons, one with Sister Cummings and a bunch of other people. It was truly a great day for the work of the Lord. Also, Sister Poulson (the Mission Secretary) and Sister Jacob (Another Senior Missionary) told me some great news. My Birthday Box had arrived at the Office and I could come pick it up.

     So, Elder Mahler and I went to go get the box. Unfortunately, we were too busy to have time to open it up until later that night. When I did open it I was joyously surprised at its contents. The socks were great and the Pajama bottoms were great too. Yesterday, the Library was closed and I got Firefly: The Game. It was so fun to play a board game with some other missionaries. The game itself is quite fun and will be a regular P-Day activity for a time.

     Sadly, on Sunday (and little bit on Saturday and Monday as well) I was sick with "the bug" as Sister Taylor (Our Mission Nurse) called it. Apparently, quite a few missionaries in the mission had caught whatever it is, and I also had caught it. I'm now mostly recovered and for the most part back to work. To quote from Firefly, "No power in the 'Verse can stop me!"


#LDSConf April 2015 – Week 14

     This past week has been great. We got our snow tires (studded tires) off; Elder Mahler went to the Doctor, Exchanges, Conference and more. So after emailing last Tuesday, we went on a temporary exchange so that I would not get our elderly investigator sick. Then we rested so that I could fully recover from the cold I had. The next day Elder Mahler went to talk to our Mission Nurse about a constant headache. She set up an appointment for Thursday for him.

     We had exchanges that day, so I went with our fearless District Leader, Elder Dickson. We saw Jared and Sister Gore. They have both come so far from when I first met them. I love them and hope to see them Baptized soon. Elder Mahler has another appointment on Wednesday to get more information on the pain. Oh, Conference was great too.

     I loved Elder Ballard's talk and Also President Monson's during Priesthood Session. It was great, and I loved watching all the sessions at the Stake Center, definitely a different and enlightening experience for me. The spirit was so strong and I could feel the sincerity of the messages being delievered.


Collecting never stops – Week 15

     This week has been a neat experience. Elder Mahler's head has been hurting so bad a nap each day has been necessary in order for him to get through the day.  Therefore, work was a little slow this week. Sister Cummings is so close to being ready to be baptized. She has read through Enos of the book of Mormon, and she loves it. However, she just doesn't know that it is true yet. Hopefully she will soon though.

     However, on Friday things got a little interesting, at least for me. After his nap, Elder Mahler and I went to pick up my package from the mission office. It contained a shirt with a mechanical drawing of an AT-AT Imperial Walker on it. Then later, at some service, we were helping a member clean out junk from a storage unit of his, and I came across something really quite neat (at least to me.)

Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back Atari Game Box

     While moving boxes, I found the box to the Atari game of Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back. I asked if I could have the box, since he was getting rid of a whole bunch of junk, and the member said that I could have it. The Box is now sitting on my desk, holding the pictures that mom has sent me. Also, we got Transfer Calls on Friday. It turns out that Elder Mahler and I will be Staying in O'Malley for another six weeks. I'm very excited, he is a great teacher and a an example to me, and I love serving with him, so these next few weeks should be awesome!


The End of Training – Week 16

     This past week has been pretty good, a little slow on the missionary work but overall not bad at all. Transfer Meeting went really well, and Elder Mahler and I are really looking forward to spending another six weeks together. On Wednesday, we got a nice surprise. Sister Cummings agreed to get baptized, and she wants to get baptized this Saturday.  It is so exciting to see someone commit to follow Christ’s example and accept his Atonement into their lives.

     Also on Wednesday we met Kiona. Kiona wanted to go to an English-Speaking unit as opposed another language unit even though most of his family attends a language unit which is why we came into contact with him. He wants to start coming back to Church, he is such a cool guy and I can tell that his desire to come back is real. He came to Sacrament this Sunday; oh missionary work is so exciting!


Retrospective – Interlude

     At the end of my formal training as a missionary, I had much to be thankful for. Even though I had many more months to go, I still felt as though the first milestone of the mission had been reached. There was still much to learn and I am grateful for my chance to serve in Alaska. I am grateful for my family and their support throughout my mission. I am grateful for my friends and the people who cared about me. I have had so many experiences and it seems nearly impossible to share them all.

     Thanks to everyone who made my mission the best.

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